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Remote Recording - How I Work

Ever imagined having some uber-cool bass on one or more of your tracks? Well, now you can - from the smallest bedroom project upwards - and here's how!

You'll be joining the likes of The Damned, Professor & the Madman, Sensible Gray Cells, Rob Tyner, Eddie & the Hotrods, Johnny Thunders, Heavy Load, Larry Wallis, Evo Evans (Warfare)...hell, even Andrew Ridgeley hired me after Wham! split to give some oomph so his solo stuff!

  • STEP 1: Tell me about your project and send me an mp3 of what you want me to play on - it can be just one instrument, but the more melody and rhythm there is for me to bounce off, the better - please see FAQ's. 

  • STEP 2: I'll take a listen and get back to you with a proposal. Price is entirely dependent upon project and I aim to accommodate every pocket

  • STEP 3: I'll get to work and create not one but TWO unique Ric-tastic PG bass tracks that'll raise your song to another level - you can even choose which of my vintage basses you'd like used, or I'll pick one that I think suits best.

  • STEP 4: I'll email you a couple of mp3s of each bass track mixed in for you to approve. 

  • STEP 5: You're happy and pay me - please see FAQ's. I then transfer the uncompressed bass aiff files via WeTransfer as separate tracks - pick your favourite or comp together yourself.

  • STEP 6: That's it!​

I MAY also consider a very limited number of 1-1 bass lessons via Zoom...if you're interested and have something specific you'd like to learn, drop me a line too and let's see what we can do...


In the immortal words of the late, great Rob Tyner - Let's rock, baby!!

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