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So what's on online session?
In the "old days" if an artist or band wanted to hire a specific or additional musician to play on their recordings the a visit to the artist's studio would be needed. With the advent computer recording software (or DAW - digital audio workstation), anyone can now effectively have a studio on their laptop to make affordable release-quality recordings and ping sound files to-and for for others musicians to contribute to. This is how I've recorded all the bass parts for Professor & the Madman, most of the bass tracks for the Sensible Gray Cells and all the various bass sessions I've done over the past several years. So instead of schlepping along to a physical building, I record remotely from my home studio in Wales, using a variety of Logic Audio amp simulators or via my Tech 21 preamp - the latter which I've used on all The Damned recordings since 2017.

Will you consider any project, however small?

Yes - but I do have to like and feel an affinity with the music! Send me an mp3 of what you'd like me to play on - I'll take a listen and get back to you with a proposal and price.

How much do you charge?
Every song / project is unique, but I aim to cater for every pocket, within reason!

What do you need from me?
A minimum of one mp3 /wav file. That could be just one instrument, but the more I have to work with the better. Ideally, I'd like the basic stereo mix as it stands together with one drums-only track, one guitars/keyboards track with vocals plus a separate click track.
Your guide track(s) need to be lined up at measure one in your DAW, I'll need to know the bpm too.

How to you create a bass line?
I never play the same part exactly the same twice - it's always been that way! I work from the heart and very organically, bouncing off whatever rhythms, melodies and harmonies I'm presented with, weaving everything together to create something quite unique. You already know my sound and style, that's why you're here - if it's  slap and tickle or aping someone else's style you want then please go elsewhere!
Of course any guidance at the outset can be helpful, and you may like to reference an existing song I've played on to give me an even better idea of what you'd like.

How do I pay you?
Paypal works best but they do have fees which vary according to the country you're in. I factor these into my price to you. If you'd like to pay me directly by bank transfer that's possible too.

How do we get the sound files to each other?
I use WeTransfer - free and easy - the files are available to download for 7 days.

Do I own the tracks once you've finished?

Yes, all yours.

How do I credit you?
Paul Gray - bass guitar. Easy, huh!

©2020 by Paul Gray Bass Online.

Photo credit: Mike Rankin

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