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"If there’s one album you buy this year, make it this..."

ALBUM REVIEW: Gary Hough at spends time with 'Seance' and is apparently reaping some aural rewards: "’So Long’ is a song that could have been lifted straight off of The Damned’s “Black Album” and for me is one of the standout tracks. ‘Real Me’ could be a Lennon and McCartney composition, a song that they’d have been proud to have written... 'Séance' is one of the best albums that I’ve had the privilege of listening to this year, a remarkable achievement given that the various components were all laid down in different locations. If there’s one album you buy this year, make it this." Thanks, Gary!

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3 commentaires

03 avr. 2021

"'Séance' is ... the best album that I’ve had the privilege of listening to" since Disintegrate Me and Live at 100 Club. Great to hear PG and Rat together!!!!! But this is uniquely Professor and The Madman - just awsome!!! Seance, So Long, Childs Eyes, Two Tickets to the Afterlife are particular standout tracks. Long live PaulGrayBass!


30 nov. 2020

thanks Gary, much appreciated!


25 nov. 2020

Hi Paul, what a fantastic album this is and thank you for the recent time you gave me to chat about 'Seance' and all of your other great work. The Madman have pulled out a stonker of an album here and I particular like the track 'Man With Nothing To Lose'. An aural delight, can't thank you guys enough for this record in 2020.

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